Football Pitch Maintenance from the Professional Team at ALS Contracts

Football Pitch Maintenance from the Professional Team at ALS Contracts

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There’s lots of methods to keeping a professional soccer pitch maintained. While you may be thinking pitches that only use artificial grass might be the most suitable choice because of low upkeep; you’d be Incorrect. Premier League pitches use natural grass. Nonetheless, the purely natural grass is often coupled with artificial fibres. That combination of actual grass and synthetic fibres keeps Premier League pitches in fantastic condition All year long. If natural grass is sufficient for the likes of Mo Salah, KDB and Ronaldo, it’s undoubtedly the only option for your football pitch.

The upkeep of natural grass will take a group of authorities because of the understanding and know-how it needs; execute these services in the wrong way and you’ll be left with turf that’s unsalvageable. The groundsman is A necessary element of the sporting and leisure industry. She or he has the complicated but gratifying job of planning and preserving the stage on which lots of sporting men and women depend for their overall performance and pleasure. It is actually therefore equally crucial that grounds workers thoroughly recognize their obligation in making a secure and dependable surface area. This will only be accomplished by getting the understanding and experience present in the science of sports turf management. Selecting a respected organization with many years of practical experience and excellent testimonials will ensure you have the grounds team that will continue to keep the turf within your soccer pitch great all year round.

There are plenty of techniques to soccer pitch upkeep services:


Mowing is one of The key soccer pitch upkeep operations. Mowing can dictate the appearance, health and vigour of your grass sward. Soccer pitches call for the use of cylinder mowers for a greater quality finish as cylinder mower cut instead of tear the grass. While rotary mowers are occasionally utilised neither they, nor a reciprocating mower, will give the desired finish.


By completing hollow tining or verti draining, the soil within your football pitch may be decompacted, allowing for enhanced drainage, more healthy roots and also the breakdown of thatch.

Weed Management

Weed control is really vital if you need to maximise not just the here aesthetic appeal of your respective pitches, but additionally the playability and resistance to wear. There are lots of contractors who source weed control solutions if You aren't totally capable and certified to use herbicides or agro chemical substances yourself. You really want specialist services and advice from the BASIS qualified advisor When it comes to the use of agro chemical compounds.


Applying fertiliser to the football pitch signifies that your turf is receiving the nutrients it requires for healthier growth.

Top dressing

Topdressing is including a combination of natural materials, sand, and soil to the floor of your grounds soon after aerating it, which will help decrease the build-up of thatch and old grass, keep the pitch smooth, and guard any new grass you’ve sown. It’ll improve the caliber of your soil and provides you healthier grass!


Grass, like vegetation, need water! Putting in an automated irrigation system would be expensive, but worthwhile. It’ll make sure your turf is obtaining water When it requires it, without having an individual being forced to come and manually flip the irrigation system on or get more info water the grass by themselves.

For those who’re needing a football pitch upkeep approach, then hiring ALS Contracts will most likely be your best option for yourself. They’re United kingdom-based and have many years of practical experience in this industry. Pay a visit to their Site now To find out more with regards to their pitch maintenance services.

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